Saturday, 22 September 2012

Where Have I Been?!

Sorry to any or all of those who read my reviews. I've not been in the mood to read at all for the past month. You know how you stop reading for awhile, and then you completely have a hard time getting into books again? That's me. I started grade 12 at the beginning of September, so I obviously don't have as much time to read, and i'm usually too tired during the week to read at all. So anyway, I got a bunch of new books that will hopefully kick me back into my usual mode. I will be doing reviews of the books from August I haven't gotten around to doing ASAP. I will be going to Windsor tomorrow, so I will most likely be too tired, as well as Monday. I've been sick for the past week too.... Yeah, not my luck lately.

Thanks for sticking around! I promise my reviews will be coming regularily in a very short time! Don't give up on me yet! :)


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