Review Policy

Firstly, I would like to thank you for considering me to review your novel! I am an eager reader who loves to meet authors and get the opportunity to read their books and share my reviews on them.
What I like: My genres typically are not set in stone. I enjoy all types of books, and do not limit myself to certain kinds. Please be aware that I am especially a huge fan of: Young Adult, Adult, horror, thriller, autobiography and biography, dystopian, science-fiction, mystery, issue related books (i.e. anorexia), historical and most paranormal YA.

I am particularily interested in Young Adult Contemporary.

Please note that I will most likely not accept any autobiographies or biographies based on people whom I do not know or are not fans of. Do not hesitate to send me an email though and we can discuss this matter further. It all depends on the book and the person it is written about!
What do I accept?: I accept all books, as well as self-published novels.

What format?: I accept books in the format of ebook (preferably for kobo e-reader), and books in print (hardcover, paperback, etc...).

*Note that I prefer books in print more than ebook format.

I will most likely not accept the request to review your book if I am expected to purchase it.
Sometimes I may make exceptions based on if I'm interested enough in the novel or not.
In my reviews, you can expect:
  • My honest thoughts on the book.
  • A breakdown of the book: Concept/Ideas, Storyline/Plot, Characters, Writing Style, and Overall Rating.
  • What I liked about it.
  • What I did not like about it.
  • Sometimes, whether it would make for an interesting movie (rarely do I include this)
  • Sometimes, what I think of the cover art (rarely do I include this)
  • Whether or not I would recommend it.
  • If I would like to see more novels in the future from the author.
However, please note that I do not make summary's for each book (unless requested), and usually add the synopsis based on Goodreads.
Thank you so much, once again for considering me to review your book!
Remember, that I am very open and flexible to reviewing most if not all books.
If you are unsure as to whether or not I would review your book based on my policy, email me: emilybrown (at) rogers (dot) blackberry (dot) net or, and we can talk further. Chances are that I will accept the request. I do not have a strict policy, but this more so outlines what I like, what to expect, and what the best formats are for me as a reviewer, so that you can get the most out of my reviews for your book!

Happy reading and writing!

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