Rating System

1/5 stars: Bleh. Horrible. Probably didn't finish the book. Not interesting, and puts me to sleep. Forget it!

2/5 stars: Had potential, and good ideas, but didn't live up to my expectations. May or may not have finished it fully.

3/5 stars: A good read, but nothing spectacular. Pretty mediocre. Nothing that made it stand out. May have been boring in some or most parts.

3.5/5 stars: Was a good read, and had more good points than bad points. Again, nothing spectacular, but a good idea or concept.

4/5 stars: Really good. Good concept, good ideas, and the writing is usually well written (Although that may differ). Interesting storyline, rarely boring.

4.5/5 stars: An absoloutely fantastic read. May have lacked a bit of something, or may have been boring in very small parts, but overall, a GREAT read.

5/5 stars: AMAZING! Couldn't put it down, breathtaking, exciting, well written, and intense. I don't want it to end!

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